10 Things I Long for

ten things I long forWhen I think about my life, there are things that I long for. I also know that if there are things I need, my needs will by met by God.  I know this is true and I thank Him for His blessings even when times are tough. 

Below are some of the things I long for:

1.  I long to do what God’s purpose is for me on a daily basis.

2.  I long for more people to understand the power of God’s grace and love.

3.  I long for seeing more blessings each day that God provides.

4.  I long to have quiet time to write more Christian posts and articles.

5.  I long to help or encourage more people.

6.  I long to see more peace in the world.

7.  I long to have the will power to get fit and treat my body as God’s temple.

8.  I long to hear God’s voice more clearly after praying.

9.  I long to read the Bible for inspiration and guidance on a daily basis.

10. I long to be more Christ-like in my way of thought and action.

To achieve these longings, I need to focus on these things daily.  With daily prayer, God works to keep me more focused because I am incapable on my own.  What a comfort it is to be able to rely on Him each day.

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