10 Ways I am New

Born again

When we are a child of God and become “born again” we are new in Christ.  We notice that many things start to change as the years go by. These changes do not happen overnight, but they are inevitable when you follow God’s lead. 

We are so blessed to have the Holy Spirit guiding us.  Sometimes I think to myself, how differently I would have reacted to many situations in my past. 

Listed are ten things that show that I am new:

1.  I no longer feel that an insignificant item that I feel I am entitled to take is okay.

2.  I now feel uneasy when I watch people on the television or in person that take God’s name in vain.

3.  I am concerned about others salvation and speak to them about Jesus.

4.  I pray for people I don’t even personally know.

5.  I am more aware and considerate about others feelings.

6.  I am truly happy for others when they achieve something instead of being jealous.

7.  I find the Bible and its contents very interesting and I love to learn more.

8.  I feel like my day has not started off right if I don’t take time to pray, so I make time.

9.  I’ve learned to forgive others even when it is very challenging (prayer helps).

10. I thank God for my blessings while patiently waiting on His timing. (This one isn’t easy, but I am learning.)

When God is my priority, he has the power to make my worst situation like new. Trying to rely on any one person will never measure up to what God can do for me. I trust that He is in control and He makes all things new with His forgiveness and love. 

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