Sun rays for praise blogsPraise Blogs is Biblical based and came about roughly ten years ago when we discovered the power of praise to God.  An easy way to think about this is this scenario … what if we never thanked our family or friends and never let them know that we appreciated them?  How would we feel if they treated us the same way? On the other hand, when they are thanked and praised for things they’ve done, it makes them glad and really shows our consideration and love.  The same idea goes for giving “Praise to our God.”  When we do this it really enhances the power of prayer as well and pleases Him. 

In addition to our many topics, Praise Blogs conveys the truthful Biblical message that many people in the world think they have to do everything themselves to have a secure joyful life.  This can be very stressful and can have very unsuccessful outcomes.  Focusing on God and allowing Him to handle these situations in “His way” is the best way to go.  Confide in Him with prayer and trust consistently and He will draw nearer to you and provide for you in His greatness, ways you would never have imagined.