Why Should I Share When I Feel Selfish?


I think it’s great when I see little children freely share their toys with others.  I remember when my son was around nine years old and I gave him a Birthday party.  All the children that attended received little gift bags with small toys and candy during the party.  One

Kim’s Pink Sauce Medford Oregon


“Kim’s Pink Sauce” or “Kim’s Shrimp Sauce” (same thing by a different name!) 1qt. mayonnaise 1/4 cup hot mustard powder 2 cups ketchup 1/4 cup vinegar 1/2 tb. salt 2 cups of sugar Combine ingredients and keep in fridge for two days. Note: Since this was the restaurant size batch,

Why I Welcome Strangers


It is always a good idea to make strangers feel welcome whenever we meet someone. The Bible points out many times that this is the right thing to do.  Not only is it right, but it comes back and we are rewarded in many ways! “Anyone who receives you receives

How New Years Resolutions Can be Fulfilled

new years resolutions

Each year after Christmas, like most people I tend to make new years resolutions.  New years resolutions are good, but I don’t think I can fully achieve mine unless I have God’s help.  I’ve discovered that my will power is not enough!   Every year I have wanted to lose weight,



Christmas is more than just getting presents; Christmas is more than lighting the tree. It is all about God’s love and presence; Because through Jesus, God has set us free. Because of His birth we have forgiveness. He is our comforter when we are sad. Through Him miracles happen during

30 Years Later

Thirty years later and finally the mystery is solved and the reunion of his rescuer is heartfelt and beautiful after a horrific motorcycle accident.

Mary Did You Know? By Pentatonix

Mary did you know pentatonix

This Christmas song is so meaningful and such an incredible mix of voices!     Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. Matthew 1:23   align=”left”>

Memories I Hold Dear

memories I hold dear

Memories of my past I hold dear, They are etched in my heart so clear. My heart forever aches for them; Will complete joy ever come again…               I truly have faith and without dismay, I will again feel all the beauty of each

How I Notice God’s Powerful Love

God's love

I noticed today how beautiful the blue sky is coming through the clouds. All the changing shapes, colors and swirls of the cloud formations are much like what our lives are like.  Each day brings a new adventure, a new opportunity.  A new day filled with seeing things in a

18 Priorities in Life to Do While We still Can


What are our priorities in life?  While we are living with schedules and deadlines these days, we tend to put on the back burner what really matters in our heart and our priorities in life.  I know that when the attacks occurred on September 11th, at that point I reevaluated