How Inspirational Bible Verses can Change Your Life

inspirational bible verses in bible pages

People often turn to Inspirational Bible verses when they need to read God’s Word to help pick them up from discouragement, despair, disappointment, or general hopelessness.  Possibly just the love of reading God’s inspirational bible verses is their desire.  The reason why I turn to the Bible as opposed to

My Saviour My God

my saviour my god rainbow

I enjoy this song by Aaron Shust called “My Saviour My God” that really brought me through some challenging times.  Just singing with it out loud really is uplifting. There would be times when I felt that I just couldn’t keep going, but there was God helping me very step

Spiritual Gifts – What are Yours?

talented stick figure with spiritual gifts

Carrie Underwood has one of the spiritual gifts of singing beautifully. See You Again is an incredible song and gives me the chills! Did you know that God has given each of us spiritual gifts such as talents and abilities that we need to use to the glory of God? 

Christian Artists Rock – Check Out this Music Video

tye dye bird

Have you ever wondered why it feels so good to listen to Christian artists rock music and how it affects your mood? It can take you away to the past or it can renew hope for the future.  It can carry you to far away lands as well. When people

Amazing Blind Boy Drumming on Washing Machine

This amazing blind boy drumming on a Washing Machine couldn’t help but notice how good the percussion’s sounded on his parent’s washing machine.  He started to drum out a beat and what resulted sounded truly awesome.  Isn’t it a amazing how a person can really use their talents?  Many people

Trusting God

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Trusting God for your needs may not seem possible for what appears to be an impossible situation! A good outcome might seem so far-fetched that you have begun to lose hope. Always remember this…don’t ever lose hope, prayer works! Our powerful God is in control and loves you.  In trusting

Christian Life – Am I Living it?

shooting stars

pbsr85-20 I considered myself to be living the Christian life.  I was very religious and executed high moral values.  I attended church every so often and felt that I was a good person.  I would help people in need and I was a born again Christian.  But I had acquaintances

Funny Stuff

Shocking Video of Swedish Male Train Drivers Wearing Skirts? Source

Funny Stuff

Hidden in a head of lettuce for three days in the refrigerator was a surprise waiting! Surprise!   Source More>>

Introduce Yourself

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