Christian Divorce – Is it Right?


A Christian divorce is usually looked down on by other Christian friends. Fellow church goers and friends may know your ex and wonder how you could ever divorce when he or she seemed so nice. Or that a divorce could happen between two people when it is stated that God

How to Stop Being a People Pleaser

People pleaser

What is a “people pleaser?”  It is someone who thinks that they need to please others even when it isn’t right for them.  Imagine having someone ask you to marry them and you did because you didn’t want to hurt their feelings.  Yes that is pretty extreme but it may

Hell is for Real?

hell is for real

The Bible states that there are two places for us to go when we die.  Heaven is one place that is beautiful where people are now Christ-like and enjoy more happiness and beauty than they will ever see here now.  It is not a place of boredom, but a joyous

God Opens Doors When Doors Slam Shut

God Opens Doors

There was a time in my life a long time ago where I felt so bored and no sense of purpose.  Soon doors were starting to slam and at the time the new open doors seemed frightening to enter.  Many familiar doors were closing behind me and I forged ahead

What a Relief that He Is Everything

what a relief

What a relief to know that I am blessed to have never ending grace. Times when I wished I could have more of what this world offers, Jesus came knocking on the door of my heart. He is always there to give me hope to trust He is doing all

Is the Bible Real Truth?


I have often heard people remark that they weren’t sure if the Bible was real truth.  Many men of God transcribed directly from God what is written in it.  It doesn’t seem probable that all these men would make this up.  We would have no hope in the world is

How to Plan for the Best Results

how to plan

They always say fail to plan, plan to fail.  Well I’m guilty of doing that and when I didn’t plan I always felt like I had no direction.  I was just relying on chance or luck to get me where I needed to go.  Yes, I would experience one situation

Why a Visit can Change Your Life


When I think my life is too busy, I stop and remember that it is good to visit people.  Maybe even some “things” I may need to revisit as well.  Here is a list of reasons why we need to visit or revisit things in our life and how important

Lessons Learned by Being Open


Looking back at my life, why wasn’t I more open to God’s lead then?  Why didn’t I listen when all I did is what I thought would be best for me?  Too many years have gone by…if only I had been more open to what His calling was for my

Reasons to Wait on God

Waiting on God

  I have been waiting for my life to change to something much more, But signs are saying wait on God’s perfect plan, that is what I long for. Extreme feelings of anxiety and fear have ultimately consumed me, Day by day I’m learning not to try so hard and to let things be. I