Cheerful Givers See More Abundance and Joy


Have you ever thought, if I only had more money I would give to people that needed it? It’s time to think beyond what we are able to give only financially. How about if someone was having a rough day and you gave them some words of encouragement that really

Ten Reasons Why Staycations are Better than Vacations and Why I’m Blessed!


  We’re all set to go on a vacation, then a sudden financial issue put the vacation plans on hold.  Let’s take a look at ten reasons why I should be thankful to be on a staycation:   1.    No need to pack, we’re already there. 2.    No

Is God Punishing Me?

Have you ever done something wrong or maybe you still do something wrong in your life and feel that you are being punished by God for these things?  In the past I did something foolish and fell on my shoulder and felt some pain afterwards.  It seemed like it was

Why am I Afraid to Read the Bible?

Read the bible at church

My Bible had been collecting dust on the shelf for years. But why was I so afraid to read the Bible? In the past, I thought I was saved. I prayed and read the Bible occasionally and attended Church. I was baptized when I was a child because the Bible

God Has a Plan – Don’t Miss Out!

Man knowing God has a plan

Many of us never have taken the time to think about whether God has a plan for us or not. The problem is that we don’t understand how our lives could really change for the better when we trust God and put Him first in our lives. During day to

How to Find Financial Freedom Today

BMoney for financial freedom

With the amount of people losing their jobs these days, it’s harder than ever to achieve financial freedom. Most people don’t know how to get debt free without getting outside assistance. The best strategy would be to get help from a financial adviser or counselor. Seeking out organizations and agencies

Church Clothes and Mini Skirts

Mini skirt for church clothing

Have you noticed that many of the new churches today allow their congregation to wear basically whatever church clothes they want to church? Even some of the pastors wear Hawaiian shirts and tennis shoes instead of suits and ties. Some members might attend wearing jeans with holes in them and

When will my Prayers for Guidance be Answered?

Prayers for guidance - God's tropcial landscape.

When our prayers for guidance seem to go unanswered and we wait and wait, does this mean that God has forgotten about the prayer? Does it mean that they may never get answered? It can be frustrating to wait for answers from God, but we shouldn’t look at it this

How Inspirational Bible Verses can Change Your Life

inspirational bible verses in bible pages

People often turn to Inspirational Bible verses when they need to read God’s Word to help pick them up from discouragement, despair, disappointment, or general hopelessness.  Possibly just the love of reading God’s inspirational bible verses is their desire.  The reason why I turn to the Bible as opposed to

Trusting God

rainbow over water

Trusting God for your needs may not seem possible for what appears to be an impossible situation! A good outcome might seem so far-fetched that you have begun to lose hope. Always remember this…don’t ever lose hope, prayer works! Our powerful God is in control and loves you.  In trusting