Turn Loose!

turn loose

I was imprisoned by my lack of understanding before I was free to turn loose of my worldly way of thinking.  Many people misunderstand the meaning of being a “Born again Christian.”  Some think that they are going to be restricted in their fun and happiness. Maybe they don’t want

What First Impression do I Leave?

what first impression do i leave

When meeting people, what first impression do I leave ?  Do they know I’m a Christian or do they not know?  If someone that I’ve known for quite awhile, would suddenly say “Oh I didn’t know your were a Christian” that would bother me.  It would make me wonder what

Why I Shine Today for My Sweet Son

shine for god

When I first held you, my face shined. When you smiled your first smile I shined. When you said your first word, I shined. You are my son and that alone made me shine. Your beautiful son that you left behind makes me shine.  You left this physical life three

10 Things I Long for

ten things I long for

When I think about my life, there are things that I long for. I also know that if there are things I need, my needs will by met by God.  I know this is true and I thank Him for His blessings even when times are tough.  Below are some

10 Ways I am New

When we are a child of God and become “born again” we are new in Christ.  We notice that many things start to change as the years go by. These changes do not happen overnight, but they are inevitable when you follow God’s lead.  We are so blessed to have

Relying on the Truth of God

truth of God

It is easy to get side tracked and just have our daily routine. Sometimes we forget or feel we don’t have time to pray or rely on the truth of God.  The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing.   Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 This may be one of

How to Overcome Depression and Disappointment Right Now!

how to overcome depression

  We all would like to know how to overcome depression. Everyone knows the ache of sadness that comes when life moves in an undesired direction. Disappointment may include health issues,  the deaths of loved ones, broken relationships, and job layoffs and more.  If we fall for the world’s idea

Cheerful Givers See More Abundance and Joy


Have you ever thought, if I only had more money I would give to people that needed it? It’s time to think beyond what we are able to give only financially. How about if someone was having a rough day and you gave them some words of encouragement that really

Church Clothes and Mini Skirts

Mini skirt for church clothing

Have you noticed that many of the new churches today allow their congregation to wear basically whatever church clothes they want to church? Even some of the pastors wear Hawaiian shirts and tennis shoes instead of suits and ties. Some members might attend wearing jeans with holes in them and

Christian Life – Am I Living it?

shooting stars

pbsr85-20 I considered myself to be living the Christian life.  I was very religious and executed high moral values.  I attended church every so often and felt that I was a good person.  I would help people in need and I was a born again Christian.  But I had acquaintances