Definitive Proof that Tithing can Change your Life


When it comes to tithing, does it feel like we can’t afford to let go of money because there are bills looming, trips or other expenditures? This reasoning can cause a “Tithing Phobia.” I know…I used to have it big time! Sometimes when Sunday rolls around and they are passing

How to Find Financial Freedom Today

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With the amount of people losing their jobs these days, it’s harder than ever to achieve financial freedom. Most people don’t know how to get debt free without getting outside assistance. The best strategy would be to get help from a financial adviser or counselor. Seeking out organizations and agencies

Money Matters

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Economy Worries? Trust Him! I’m sure many of us are worried about money matters and the state of the economy today! Too much attention is put toward worry and hopelessness. We need to put put our hope in the Lord and he will work out what seems like impossible situations