Do not Hold onto Past Mistakes


In our life we often hold onto past mistakes or things we wish we could have done differently.  There is no way to change the past, we can only start living God’s way to help preserve our future.   There are times when we may dwell on these thoughts of “If

Ten Reasons Why Staycations are Better than Vacations and Why I’m Blessed!


  We’re all set to go on a vacation, then a sudden financial issue put the vacation plans on hold.  Let’s take a look at ten reasons why I should be thankful to be on a staycation:   1.    No need to pack, we’re already there. 2.    No

Is God Punishing Me?

Have you ever done something wrong or maybe you still do something wrong in your life and feel that you are being punished by God for these things?  In the past I did something foolish and fell on my shoulder and felt some pain afterwards.  It seemed like it was

God Has a Plan – Don’t Miss Out!

Man knowing God has a plan

Many of us never have taken the time to think about whether God has a plan for us or not. The problem is that we don’t understand how our lives could really change for the better when we trust God and put Him first in our lives. During day to

Words of Encouragement

Let Go and Let God

  I know that it is sometimes difficult to think about just resting in the Lord and “>trusting Him to have complete control over our destiny.  After trying to do my own thing my own way I have learned that I would rather have God’s best!   Nothing feels worse