Christian Divorce – Is it Right?


A Christian divorce is usually looked down on by other Christian friends. Fellow church goers and friends may know your ex and wonder how you could ever divorce when he or she seemed so nice. Or that a divorce could happen between two people when it is stated that God does hate divorce (Malachi 2:16).

When my Christian divorce was imminent, it wasn’t an overnight decision. I wanted to stay because I didn’t want to disappoint God, but on the other hand I was having a very rough time living that way when there was constant turmoil. I prayed consistently for years for God’s help to make it last, but it just didn’t seem to get any better. When my health started declining because of ongoing stress, I felt I had no choice and knew I had to dissolve my marriage. I had spent so many years praying that my marriage would work and didn’t want to be involved in a Christian divorce.

My friends kept saying that God doesn’t want me to be unhappy and could clearly see that even my faith suffered because we weren’t equally yoked. I wondered at the time if our blessings were put on hold because of engaging in my partner’s lifestyle and the negativity that surrounded the aura of our home. Pressure to do things his way, the way he thought I should follow made me feel like I was losing myself and the person I desired to be.

When I finally received a call that I had been offered a job that I had been praying for, I felt questionable if this was the right move even though it seemed perfect. So I prayed and asked God to validate this decision in my mind so that I know I’m absolutely doing His will. The answer was clearly sent to me just minutes after I hung up the phone to the job offer. I felt this overwhelming feeling that I wanted this job extremely bad. Wow! It was so clear that there was no question that God wanted me to make this change and that it was His blessing.

I still sometimes struggle a little with trusting my life to God’s plan, but God’s awesome intervention is so much better than what I planned or thought was best. Since becoming divorced I have had numerous blessings and can see why God placed me in my new line of work and working with people. What a great opportunity to share my life experiences and challenges that might help someone because I have lived it too.

I now have a better understanding of leaving my life in God’s hands in every situation and decision I make.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

Just when I thought that my life couldn’t get any worse being involved in a Christian divorce, miracles happened when I relied on God’s faithful promises.

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