Christian Life – Am I Living it?


shooting starsI considered myself to be living the Christian life.  I was very religious and executed high moral values.  I attended church every so often and felt that I was a good person.  I would help people in need and I was a born again Christian.  But I had acquaintances tell me that they never knew that I was a Christian when I professed this to them.  This had really started bothering me. 

I later figured out that in order to be a true “>follower of God and live the Christian life, I would need to give my whole life to Him.  In the past I would follow some of the Biblical principles, but I was habitually doing things that were not pleasing to God at the same time.  I thought that since most of my life was following Him, that the other parts shouldn’t matter that much.  I kept trying to do it my way even though, but deep down I knew I had to change 100% for Him. 

It was only at a point in my life where I decided to give up things that I knew weren’t pleasing to God and started putting my whole trust in His plan that my life really started improving.  I learned that I can’t be a part time Christian, it displeases God.  When you learn to give it all to Him, you will be truly blessed. 

The only thing that bothers me is why did it take so long for me to learn this? I look back on my life and think about all the
that would have brought more joy if I had been a faithful follower. 

What are you doing in your life that may be hindering you from achieving God’s best plan for you?  What is your experience and how did it turn around?  With God all things are possible.  Live the true Christian life and discover God’s beautiful plan for your life right now. 

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