Discover How to Live Your Dreams

Discover how to Live your dreams.

Have you ever had the yearning to discover how to live your dreams? Dreams play an important role in God’s plan for touching lives, unleashing Heaven on Earth, shaping culture, and discipling nations. The Bible teaches that God speaks to us through dreams, therefore giving direction for our lives and calling. Our wildest dreams are powerful tool for personal and spiritual growth, as we impact the world around us.

Seeking God’s will for our dreams and actively pursuing them is powerful. We have a significant impact on people and communities while bringing hope, healing, and transformation. Our dreams are a powerful means for advancing God’s desired kingdom on Earth and fulfilling His will for our lives.

Pathway to Live your dreams

As believers, we are salt and light in the world, and have brought the influence of Heaven to Earth through our words and actions. We share the Gospel, and disciplining nations through our service and compassion, promoting righteousness, and standing against injustice and oppression. We are ambassadors for Christ, representing His kingdom on Earth and working to advance His will in all areas of society.

Being an influence by leading people into a relationship with Jesus, the Bible teaches that all people are lost and in need of salvation through Jesus Christ. As followers of Christ, we seek out and share the message of salvation with those who are lost. The ultimate goal is to bring people into a relationship with Jesus. They experience the love and grace of God and have the opportunity to spend eternity in Heaven.

Dreams fulfilled by God have a powerful impact on discipling nations. Therefore, we are ambassadors for God and bring about change in the nations and communities around us.


When you discover how to live your dreams, this unleashes the journey of removing the limits kill your dreams. If living your dreams sounds like something you’d love to do, then consider becoming a Raising Royalty Core Tribe Member.

Raising Royalty Core Members access exclusive training, support, community, mentoring and a one of a kind discipleship awards program. Together we are removing the limits that kill people’s dreams. Conveniently all the training is completely self paced, so you’ll find the best fit for your daily life.

Fulfilling dreams is not anything new for our chief Raising Royalty movement maker Benji Alexander. He has been helping people make dreams happen for 20 years.

Raising Royalty wants to see you winning at the highest level in every area of your life. We are willing to learn, to grow, to plan and to take bold, passionate, precise, actions every day. Which in turn will make your dreams happen and get the breakthroughs that you need for living your dreams.