God’s Yellow Pages

Bible Yellow pagesGod’s Yellow Pages are so helpful when you are in a situation where you really need to find a scripture in the Bible that will pertain to a situation or circumstance in your life. I know that when I need to have encouragement or just peace about something in my life, I open the Bible and am comforted by the word.  If your are hurting or just want to know Biblical facts or knowledge about something, I found a great place to find God’s word categorized as if they were in the yellow pages. 

Please visit God’s Yellow Pages and look for yourself. May you be blessed!


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  2. Mr. Anonymus Anon says:

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  3. Mr. Anonymous Anon…Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement! I actually have owned praiseblogs.com since late 2006 and was quite busy with it for awhile. Then other things happened that I had no control over that took up quite a bit of time. When I decided to bring this blog back not too long ago, I felt that the theme that I had was way too busy. I thought to myself, “if I landed on this page…would I stay?” My answer was a definite “no” so I looked at other blogs that appealed to me and decided that I like the simpler themes and so praiseblogs.com got a much needed makeover! This blog now has a modified Genesis Balance Theme.

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