My Saviour My God

my saviour my god rainbow I enjoy this song by Aaron Shust called “My Saviour My God” that really brought me through some challenging times.  Just singing with it out loud really is uplifting.

There would be times when I felt that I just couldn’t keep going, but there was God helping me very step of the way with his never ending love and hope that everything was in his hands and for me to trust Him.

Even then and it continues today, God is with all of us and His love shines through when you need Him the most. We aren’t meant to handle this life alone without Him. To do so only results in our lives being far less fulfilled and much more difficult.

Loving God is not a hindrance, it is a freedom that anyone can have if they just allow Him into their hearts and life. You will never regret making that decision, and once you do, you relationship with Him gets stronger as time goes on.  My “Saviour My God” is an inspirational song, I just had to include the video.

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