Phil Robertson Suspended from Duck Dynasty – Freedom of Speech Violated?

Freedom is not FreeOn Wednesday – December 18th, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson was suspended from Duck Dynasty and the A&E Network. He was simply quoting the truth from the Bible.

Despite A&E’s views on gay’s rights and the Phil Robertson’s suspension, a growing number of Facebook pages have appeared showing support for him. Pages such as “Boycott A&E Until Phil Robertson Is Put Back On Duck Dynasty.”  This page is showing support for freedom of speech for Americans.

This is a growing issue and we need to stand up together to keep our freedom of speech rights.

“>Phil Robertson and his family are featured on “Duck Dynasty” which first became successful because of manufacturing duck calls.

What are your thoughts on this?  Should everybody just cower down about their beliefs and do away with freedom of speech? Or should we be allowed to freely exhibit our views?


  1. It’s not only about muzzling Christians so we cannot voice our opinions or views or beliefs…. It’s also about Freedom of Speech. If non-Christians think this is only our problem, they are very mistaken. Freedom of speech is a true “right” and if that is taken away, we are no longer able to be a free country. This is way bigger than one person being fired because of his belief, this is a growing trend that needs to be stopped before our county ends up like North Korea! A&E is fine with people like Alec Baldwin, but has a problem with Phil??? Well A&E… I have a problem with your discrimination of Christians. Boycott A&E!

  2. I have such an issue with A&E’s harsh treatment of Phil Robertson! They could have easily distanced themselves from his personal views instead of attacking him and punishing him for practicing free speech off the show. This is discrimination and it breaks my heart.

  3. Well said Delo and Rachel! It is quite obvious that our country has turned it’s direction from Christianity. This article explains the seriousness of these actions:
    But it also tells of the reassurance we have when we do turn our hearts and minds to God. We all need to pray “without ceasing” for this fine nation.

  4. Yay! He was reinstated back on the show around December 27th. He was simply quoting Bible scripture. We should all have our freedom to do this! Never lose hope…God is in control!

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