18 Priorities in Life to Do While We still Can


What are our priorities in life?  While we are living with schedules and deadlines these days, we tend to put on the back burner what really matters in our heart and our priorities in life.  I know that when the attacks occurred on September 11th, at that point I reevaluated my life.  The things that I was so concerned about seemed so hugely insignificant. I went from my falling away from the Lord to giving my life to Him again.  I got baptized a second time and I felt renewed and started following God more consistently. 

The following are 18 priorities in life to do while we still can because time is precious:

1. Love others while we still can.

2. Tell people about Jesus while we still can.

3. Do God’s will while we still can.

4. Dance while we still can.

5. Lift up others with encouragement while we still can.

6. Take care of our body which is God’s temple while we still can.

7. Show kindness while we still can.

8. Show mercy while we still can.

9. Give to to others while we still can.

10. Sing praises while we still can.

11. Forgive others while we still can.

12. Laugh while we still can.

13. Enjoy the beauty in nature while we still can.

14. Pray without ceasing while we still can.

15. Pray for forgiveness while we still can.

16. Pray for healing while we still can.

17. Pray for Peace while we still can.

18. Pray for others well being while we still can.

What would you do if you knew that time was short and you only had a few weeks on this earth, what would matter?  I know my priorities in life would change even more.  Would yours change?  I’m allowing God be the most important priority in my life now while I still can!

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  1. Time is precious. Thank you for this poignant reminder.

  2. Thank you Rebekah for your post. Yes time is precious especially when the days seem to be rushing by! God Bless You 🙂

  3. While we still can! Amen and yes to your list! We should be intentional each day in living for God while we still can! Thank you for your wonderful list! Blessings!

  4. Kat Dudero says:

    Wow !! For sure working in The World causes a bit of a faster pace which creates our minds to seem to race more than we realize…Still… That is my prayer to reel me back into His presence..thank you !!!

  5. Hi Verona! I like the tag “while I still can”. There are plenty of things I can’t do now, that I used to love. Did I really enjoy it when I could do it, or did I take it for granted?

    If I knew I was going to die soon, I hope I wouldn’t be so overwhelmed with that news that I’d just collapse in a puddle. I know we’re all going to die, but still it comes as a shock somehow. I hope that I would have loved well, and put the Lord first. Then I really could dance 🙂

  6. Perfectly said Ceil! We do need to live by God’s plan and we will never stop dancing! We would never want to cease “living in the moment” of His love. 🙂

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