Ten Reasons Why Staycations are Better than Vacations and Why I’m Blessed!



We’re all set to go on a vacation, then a sudden financial issue put the vacation plans on hold.  Let’s take a look at ten reasons why I should be thankful to be on a staycation:


1.    No need to pack, we’re already there.
2.    No need to buy gas…don’t need any!
3.    Time to check out the local hotspots and events ignored by not having the time to do this!
4.    Sleeping all day doesn’t matter, no time limits to get up.
5.    Finish that hobby project or writing I’ve been putting off, I  have the time and energy to do it!
6.    Eat more expensive meals out because you aren’t paying for gas or hotel!
7.    Go to a nearby tourist town and pretend to be out of the area and enjoy!
8.    Read a good book and stay in my robe all day.
9.    Visit friends and family if you feel like it with no time constraints.
10.  Enjoy the natural beauty of my area and take day trips and discover new things!

Even the best made plans can be broken!  I am not going to get discouraged; I know that I am doing the right thing by not spending more than we should. I prayed for God to show me the right decision and He did, even though I really wanted to go on this trip!

It’s good to take time once in a while and appreciate what I do have on a daily basis.  I trust when God’s timing is right, I will go on a vacation and it will be awesome!

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