Thinking for Ourselves – What a Concept


It seems like the world is changing so quickly these days.  More and more mandates are being pushed on people.  The mandates include wearing a mask and getting the Covid vaccine.  Businesses are told to enforce these mandates which aren’t laws upon their employees.  Many employees are choosing to not get the shot and are let go, then left without income to support their families.

It seems the people are getting punished for not agreeing to get the shot. Businesses are getting threatened with fines for not enforcing them. It’s odd that congress is not required to get this shot, but the majority of the citizens are.

Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci both support the shot.  Fauci even expressing that once you get it, you can still get Covid.  Vaccines for diseases such as the measles or mumps, etc. have really cut back the outbreaks over the years.  Not so much for Covid, many vaccinated people have still gotten Covid and now there’s even more booster shots coming?

I believe it should be an individual decision to choose what shots or vaccines are necessary for themselves.  Especially when there are vaccinated people still getting Covid and many suffering dire side effects.  Obviously, the government has different views on this and are even exempt from taking the shot.

Many are standing up against these mandated shots and some are starting to win.  I believe that the people and businesses should stand up for their rights for making decisions involving their own bodies and livelihood.


What If all the people who like to make their own choices refused and kept on working until they are let go?  Most of the companies who aren’t being bailed out by the government will eventually go out of business unless they allow the employees back. There are attorneys working with businesses presently that are proving that these forced shots are unconstitutional.

When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan.  Proverbs 29:2

I feel that all companies need to stand up for what is right, get legal advice and pray for guidance before it’s too late and all freedoms will slip away.