Turn Loose!

turn looseI was imprisoned by my lack of understanding before I was free to turn loose of my worldly way of thinking.  Many people misunderstand the meaning of being a “Born again Christian.”  Some think that they are going to be restricted in their fun and happiness. Maybe they don’t want to take the chance of feeling guilty for not being perfect?

There is a misunderstanding that Christians are required to be 100% perfect.  Because Jesus died on the cross for all of our wrong doings, we do not have to stress over being perfect anymore!  Sometimes our lives become filled with worry and stress because we feel that we can change it all on our own. So we dwell on working toward whatever we feel we need to do to be happy.  The more we try to fix things the more anxiety sets in and it can feel like we are on a hamster wheel and never reaching that point of satisfaction.

After so many times of trying again and again to do this on my own, I finally learned to turn loose and let God handle it. Having a wonderful relationship with the Lord is way more freeing than not having Him in my life at all.  We must learn to turn loose of ourselves and turn it all over to our provider of all things good, our Lord.

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