Watch Out … Here Comes Christmas!

christmas tree in mallNow that Thanksgiving is over, there is the hustle and bustle of people getting ready for Christmas.  Especially this year when it seemed like Thanksgiving was later than usual! I don’t understand why retailers don’t want to let their employees celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. It all seems so wrong to expect them to eat a full Thanksgiving dinner and then have to wobble to work when they’re are on a tryptophan low and all they want to do is relax and enjoy the holiday.

Every year I always think of how much more we could all enjoy Christmas if we didn’t have to go on a buying frenzy to buy gifts for others. I feel like buying presents interrupts what is really important about the Christmas season.  When I think about the birth of Jesus Christ who was sent to die for us I conclude that there is no better gift.

Something that might be really in tune with the season would be volunteering for a charity or donating to our Church or religious organization.

What are your thoughts on the Christmas gifting?  How can we make this time of year more focused on the true meaning?


  1. I try each Christmas to do something that is more than just giving: that really gets me out in the community, seeing, feeling, and interacting with the need around me, so I don’t fall prey to the consumerism. My favorites tend to be my church’s Toys and More project, which gives toys and groceries to needy families, and volunteering at soup kitchens on Christmas Day.

  2. That’s great Rachel! Especially these days it is getting more difficult to pay for everyday needs too. Christmas is a great time to help the children to not feel left out. Imagine their smiles when they have a nice Christmas dinner and presents under the tree. What a blessing! Also working at soup kitchens are great…these people are so appreciative and it helps spread God’s good message to them about giving.

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