What a Relief that He Is Everything

What a relief to know that I am blessed to have never ending grace. Times when I wished I could have more of what this world offers, Jesus came knocking on the door of my heart. He is always there to give me hope to trust He is doing all He can just for me. 

 What a relief to know that He loves me so much and only wants what is best for my life.  What a relief that I don’t have to go through life without having His perfect direction guiding my paths.  He is always by my side prompting me to do His will and I desire nothing more than to be the best I can. 

 what a reliefMy day isn’t complete without having the privilege of asking for His perfect presence to give me knowledge each day.  My life sometimes gets tangled up in wrong turns, His presence is quick to get me back to His perfect peace.  What a relief that I will never want for anything, He will always provide my every need forever when I rest in His perfect plan. 


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  1. His presence is quick to get me back to His perfect peace. Yes. Thank you for your beautiful words. Joining you from FMF.

  2. Thank you Debbie for the kind words. Yes, when we rely on Him, we experience His best. 🙂

  3. Loved your post. Well written and such a powerful reminder. Thank you. {A FMF friend}

  4. Thank you Helen…blessings. 🙂

  5. What a relief, indeed, Verona. Such a great remembrance here of the ways that He walks with us and meets our needs – He is so able! Just stopping by from FMF today.

  6. Hi Verona! I think it’s wonderful that you speak to the Lord every day. And that you are so sure He is with you too. I think I go back and forth in my head about that, wondering sometimes if He has left me or I have wandered too far away…

    Faith is such a great gift, I can never praise it enough. May I have the strength and constancy that you have!

  7. Thank you Ceil…I struggle daily to stay on the path God would like me on. Thankfully He will never give up on me. Blessings Ceil!

  8. Dan Blessing says:

    Jesus is all we need! Your words are an inspiration, and I trust with all my heart that Our Lord Jesus’s Word will provide all our needs. Thank you for being so faithful in your Christian Walk and listening to the Holy Spirit’s prompting you in your writing.

  9. Thank you Dan…I appreciate your heartfelt complement and recognizing the Holy Spirit intervening in my life. I really like your last name! 🙂

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