Why a Visit can Change Your Life


When I think my life is too busy, I stop and remember that it is good to visit people.  Maybe even some “things” I may need to revisit as well.  Here is a list of reasons why we need to visit or revisit things in our life and how important it is.


  • Visit my family.  This keeps us all close and there for each other. We never want to have regrets by not spending enough time with them.

  • Visit my friends, because they are like family and we comfort and support each other.

  • Visit my son’s place where he is laid to rest.  I know he is with me in spirit and it feels good to talk to him there and anywhere.

  • Visit some of my shortcomings and work on improving myself.

  • Visit special places where I really enjoy nature and have taken time to listen to God speak to my heart.

  • Visit my quiet time space daily at home to read the Word and pray and thank God for all His blessings.

  • Revisit my eating habits.  When we take care of our bodies, we are respecting God’s temple.

  • Revisit extending our gratitude and works for God and people in our life that have sacrificed for us.

  • Visit homeless shelters or neighbors in need and donate your time and you will reap rewards. Giving feels good!

  • Revisit your purpose in life.  Is it all for me or God’s plan?  I will not be alone when following His perfect plan for my life.

The above ways to visit is just a sample of what we can do by actually getting out and visiting people, places and things.  Our lives would naturally open up more opportunities if we took more time to visit.

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  1. I always like a list. You made a great case for visiting. Those revisits to my eating patterns are my big challenge. But as it says in some hospitals, “A good visit is a short visit.” I’m glad I visited here today.

  2. Melissa @ Frugal Creativity says:

    Great list! I’m currently focused on your first two points, but yeah, I should revisit some of my shortcomings as well. 🙂

  3. Thank you Gabrielle…I agree about the eating patterns, I need to work on that myself. 🙂

  4. What a great list of things to visit and revisit! There’s nothing wrong with revisiting those areas in our lives that might be painful, but certainly need improving!

  5. Yes…we have to make time to enjoy the company of others…always a blessing to have friends!

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