Workout Plans – The Good, Bad & Ugly

workout plans

I finally made up my mind, I need workout plans for this spring (like now!). Lately I feel like I can barely move! This really has an effect on me when I try to get up every morning, especially when I am too achy and tired to want to get out of bed.  A few weeks ago, I tried to do a new exercise routine with a former Jazzercise instructor.  This wasn’t Jazzercise, but a fast moving exercise DVD. No wait… it was more like the modern dancing of today and I have no clue how to do some of these moves! After trying it three times, my upper tops of my legs were sore.  I was so sore after trying it the first time for an hour, I could barely move.  I knew I had not started out slowly like I should have. I did try another two times, but the thought of trying to continue these fast motion dance moves really was getting me frustrated. 

Having workout plans are not new to me…true story!  Quite a few years ago, I used to lift weights and workout to various exercise videos on a regular basis. I always kept fairly active with my work also until I got a position that required me to sit all day at a desk a few years ago.  That job was for two years and it mentally and physically wreaked havoc on my health! Years before that, I was in outside sales…what a change! I have since gotten a new job that I was blessed with that is more active, but I know it’s not enough.

I recently started looking around for workout plans that would encourage me both physically and mentally so I would stick with it.  I went to Amazon and found a DVD called “Prayfit” by Jimmy Pena.  He actually has two DVD’s out, but I decided on the earlier version for now because it is better for starters according to the reviews there. 

What I really think I’ll like about this DVD is that the moves are simple…no fancy dance steps!  Now there’s nothing wrong with dancing, but I am not coordinated enough to concentrate on my muscles and learn new dance moves at a very fast pace.  Some of you may prefer the dance moves, it’s entirely up to you. There are plenty of these DVD’s for sale as well!

To keep myself motivated, I am going to do before and after pictures of myself during this process.  “Prayfit” is a 33 Day Body Challenge that I want to take on. Of course if I get some of the desired results I will stay with it for as long as needed.  I need to lose weight and get more toned as shown in this picture of my grandson and me planting seeds.  He is standing next to me and still my body can be seen quite a bit behind him…not my most flattering shot, but none of them are with about 30 pounds to lose. 

before diet

I will get on my scales each day to weigh in and update my progress with pictures on this blog. 

Here’s the funny part, I haven’t gotten the DVD yet, but it should be delivered by Tuesday…April Fools Day!  Hey, really I’m serious about this and if you’re interested too…let’s do this together.  You can wait and see my results, or purchase “Prayfit” and try this out with me now! 

I hope to hear all your comments about the workout plans I have including the good, bad and the ugly (and maybe some encouragement?)

Thanks, and God Bless!