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VeronaHello and welcome to PraiseBlogs.com!  These days it’s difficult to avoid anxiety and stress.  I’ve experienced it and have found ways to greatly lower this common struggle.  Whether it’s caused by world events or something more personal, there ‘s so much that we can do to heal with God’s help.  He never wants us to live with the uneasiness of anxiety and stress.   God with His supernatural power  is ready to help, we just need to know how to receive this.  Satan tries to make us feel hopeless and it’s a daily battle to trust God.  God is the great healer and comforter and is there for us through prayer, scripture and daily habits that can really make a difference.  In the coming weeks, I will elaborate more on what Godly habits we can implement which will not only help with anxiety, but ultimately improve our relationship with Him. May God richly bless you as we joyfully experience His peace each day.


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