Join the Movement to Fulfill Your Dreams

Imagine a way to fulfill your dreams! Dreams that would have never been possible before. After trying everything on my own, I discovered that God absolutely has the best plans for my life.  “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him,

Discover How to Live Your Dreams

Living Your Dream

Have you ever had the yearning to discover how to live your dreams? Dreams play an important role in God’s plan for touching lives, unleashing Heaven on Earth, shaping culture, and discipling nations. The Bible teaches that God speaks to us through dreams, therefore giving direction for our lives and

Things To Be Grateful For

things to be grateful for

Many times, during our life we often don’t find many things to be grateful for.  We may be going through something very difficult and life isn’t going the way we had hoped.  During these times we don’t think about all that we are grateful for.  The Bible says that we

Disappointing Life to Living Your Dream


Many people including myself have just made our own way throughout life and have found that reaching desired goals has never really come to pass. I would focus on trying to make more money and on finding the right personal relationship.  I strived for years to achieve my dream life. 

Thinking for Ourselves – What a Concept


It seems like the world is changing so quickly these days.  More and more mandates are being pushed on people.  The mandates include wearing a mask and getting the Covid vaccine.  Businesses are told to enforce these mandates which aren’t laws upon their employees.  Many employees are choosing to not

Good News for the Struggles of 2020

Looking at this year, we wonder if it will ever get better? Why did all this chaos happen? How can we cope with it or escape the problems? According to God’s Word, He will never leave us or forsake us.  Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of

Get me off this Mental Roller Coaster!

roller coaster of life

It sometimes feels like our thoughts are on a mental roller coaster and we experience being up one day and down on the next.  Not knowing which feeling will be there in the morning, whether it’s waking up to anxiety or peace? Anxiety comes from fear of something that may

Coronavirus – How to Stop the Anxiety

Peace over anxiety

Do you feel that anxiety is taking over our sanity and peace?  Why can’t we just turn off these feelings that are trying to take over our mind and body?  If we could just stop these nagging thoughts that trigger the anxiety then it would be okay.  Thoughts of a

How your Dreams can be Fulfilled in the New Year

Hello my faith filled readers! 🙂   I have updated this article to show you new ways to attain God’s blessings in the New Year! So a brand new year is coming! How many of us say that it’s going to be a better year than the last one? Well it

Definitive Proof that Tithing can Change your Life


When it comes to tithing, does it feel like we can’t afford to let go of money because there are bills looming, trips or other expenditures? This reasoning can cause a “Tithing Phobia.” I know…I used to have it big time! Sometimes when Sunday rolls around and they are passing